Haunting Home


Kasseler Dok-Fest

Haunting Home

22:50 min, colour, DCP 5.1
Cast: Hans Josef Gather / Oliver Gather
Director/Camera: Oliver Gather
Music: Frauke Berg / Julia Bünnagel / Anja Lautermann
Sound Mixing: Tom Blankenberg
Editor: Ansgar Wacker

World premiere 39th Kassel Dokfest, 2022
30th Blicke Film Festival of the Ruhr Area. 2022
Kabawil e.V., Düsseldorf. 2023
“Film Art in the Digital Transformation”, Bochum City Archive. 2023

Haunting Home takes us on a journey inside, into the parental home and into the personal things that have accumulated there over decades. 

From trivial objects of daily use to a model of our galaxy, each thing in the house seems to store a whole world of life that only the father is able to decipher. He opens up his cosmos of things to us in fragments, poses the question of value and meaninglessness, and of what remains. 

For the journey through the house, Gather uses the app “Street View”. Established by Google to explore and control the world, the digital 360º images implode in the house and spin psychedelically searching – and enriched with the typical ghostly misimages – through the rooms and to the father’s things.